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BitDegree is the world’s first blockchain-powered online education platform. BitDegree goal is to make learning fun and rewarding. That’s why they’re looking to provide their students with token-based scholarships and game-like experience while learning.

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Learners on BitDegree have the opportunity to ‘earn while they learn’ because blockchain technology allows anyone to issue token based scholarships. Taking courses that have a token scholarship attached provides the opportunity to earn BitDegree Tokens, which can be exchanged for additional courses or exchanged for different currencies. Finally, BitDegree is not only hosting & publishing experienced instructors’ courses but creating high-quality interactive classes for users to enjoy!

At this moment, basic courses and some premium & advanced courses are offered for free.

BitDegree Key Benefits

• Motivating students to learn and achieve with smart incentives (scholarships);
• BDG tokens, which are usable for buying new BitDegree courses and buying hosting services at Hostinger;
• Gamified courses, which makes learning even the complicated stuff easier and more fun;
• 99 % of revenue goes to the instructor;
• Free and very affordable courses;
• A large variety of courses in subjects like business, cryptocurrency, blockchain, game development, programming languages, graphic design, data science, machine learning, gamified coding courses, marketing, e-commerce, information security, web development, and personal development;
• Courses and learning material for developing skills that are on demand and very up to date;
• Celebrated and qualified instructors;
• Motivated and driven students;
• Job openings and opportunities if one shows good learning results

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